Here are some ways to enhance your Seo for WordPress and get your content management system setup the right way. A lot of people think that your CMS comes pre-setup for SEO. This is NOT true!

There are some setting in your WordPress that you have to change to optimize for SEO. When it comes to SEO for WordPress you have to consider these factors:

  1. Clean Url’s
  2. Correct WordPress plugins
  3. Intergrating WordPress with Search Engine Consoles
  4. Making sure Google has your sitemaps to start crawling on your site

This post will go over these factors so your WordPress website will become as SEO friendly as possible. Don’t forget that there are other best SEO practices that you can implement for your blog post.

Seo for WordPress | Creating Clean Url’s

When it comes to Seo for your website, clean Url’s are a must. What I mean by “Clean” Url’s is that your link is in the format http://yourdomain.com/your-piece-of-content-title-separated-like-this

Google wants your Url’s to look and be as user friendly as possible. By following this format you are appealing to user’s who are more likely to click on that particular link because they know where it goes.

Remember… Google’s algorithms are looking for user friendly content above all else which includes links. By creating a link that is more appealing to the user you also become more appealing to Google as well.

Plus Url’s presented in this format helps Google’s spiders to crawl and index your webpages as well. If you have a string of numbers or symbols this can force Google to consume more bandwidth trying to determine how to index your piece of content.

The more bandwidth Google consumes, the more load time a page is going to have. Google does take page load time into account when it comes to SEO ranking.

This format also helps Google from thinking that your content could be duplicate content because of the sequence of numbers or symbols which could closely match to another post. That is VERY BAD for SEO!

To change this setting we have to go to Setting>Permalinks in your WordPress menu as shown below.

permalink setting to enhance seo for wordpress

In the permalinks setting you want to change the setting to post name. This allows all Url’s for your post to be automatically setup in the http://yourdomain.com/this-piece-of-content format

post name change for better seo for wordpress

This is how your settings should look to better optimize your SEO for WordPress. For more on keeping your Url’s clean click here.

Seo for WordPress | What Plugins You Should Use

This is also very important for your WordPress to be SEO friendly. You need to have certain plugins installed to make sure that your blog post and website stay SEO friendly.

If you don’t have these plugins, then you should get them for your WordPress CMS. These are free plugins, some have upgrade options if you choose, but the free version works just fine!

Click next to the name to go and download the zip file plugin from WordPress to your computer! After that simply upload to your CMS so that you always have great SEO for WordPress.

Akismet: Click Here

Akismet is a very important plugin for your WordPress. It blocks spam comments which can hurt your SEO ranking inakismet plugin for better seo for wordpress Google’s S.E.R.P.

Google does take all links on a page into account when it is determining it’s page ranking. This includes the links in your comment section as well.

If your comment box is filled with a bunch of spam links that are going to websites that are using blackhat-SEO tactics or have poor domain authority then your post will be deemed to have poor link structure and you will be affected.

Akismet solves this problem for you by blocking all the comments that have spam links in them, so that the only comments that go through are the ones that are truly engaging with your post.

Wp-Optimize: Click Here

Wp-Optimize is a great plugin that keeps your website fully optimized. This helps with not only page load time (which Google does look at page load time) but it also cleans up your database of unnecessary backed up files.

Here are some other major features of Wp-Optimize:


  • Enable/Disable trackbacks for all published postwp optimize for better seo for wordpress
  • Enable/Disable comments for all published post
  • Removal of stale post revisions
  • Removal of stale unapproved and spam comments
  • Removal of trashed comments
  • Removal of akismet metadata from comments
  • Removal of other stale metadata from comments
  • Mobile device friendly, now you can optimize your site on the go
  • Removal of all trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Cleaning up auto draft posts
  • Removal of transient options
  • Clear out the post trash
  • Automatic cleanup of all the integrated options (also uses retention if enabled)
  • Ability to keep selected number of weeks data when cleaning up
  • Option to add or remove link on wp admin bar.
  • Enable/Disable weekly schedules of optimization
  • Apply native WordPress MySql optimize commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin or any manual query.
  • Display Database table statistics. Shows how much space can be optimized and how much space has been cleared.
  • Enabled for Administrators only.
  • E-mail notifications on automatic cleanup

Wp Super Cache: Click Here

Wp Super Cache is another tool to help with page load time. This plugin changes the way that your files are served to wp super cache to better seo for wordpressvisitors to your website.

This plugin generates a static html file directly from your blog. This static html file is a “lighter” file that can load easier from your webserver then the typical PHP file which can be “Heavier” to load.

Let me explain… this plugin will pretty much take your blog post and generate one of these html files that your server will load instead of a PHP file.

This is very helpful if you suddenly get a large amount of traffic all at once. Your page load time will remain fast and your SEO ranking will not be affected just because you got a high amount of visitors all at once.

Here are the recommended setting for Wp Super Cache:

Recommended Settings

Advanced users will probably want to use mod_rewrite caching, but PHP caching is almost as good and recommended for everyone else. Enable the following:

  1. PHP caching. (Personally I keep mod_rewrite caching)
  2. Compress pages.
  3. Don’t cache pages for known users.
  4. Cache rebuild.
  5. CDN support. (I do not use)
  6. Extra homepage checks.

Personally I keep my setting for Wp Super Cache on the mod_rewrite caching because it is faster. I also don’t use the content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) because I am not using images from another site so I don’t need to replace the links!

Bottom line. This plugin gives your webpages a super charged loading speed. This is a must plugin to enhance your SEO for WordPress.

SEO by Yoast: Click Here

This is a powerful plugin that is a MUST for your WordPress CMS.seo by yoast to enhance seo for wordpress

This plugin goes through and and literally tells you where you can enhance your post for Seo ranking purposes. You should always try to do your best to keep your blog post SEO friendly!

Remember though… that Google is looking for USER FRIENDLY posts that people are truly engaging with. This plugin is just a guide line to help with the technical stuff.

If it makes more sense to do something different then this plugin says to enhance user experience… DO IT! Other then that… follow the guidelines implemented by this plugin.

This plugin helps you with informing your everything that you need to do to make your post SEO friendly by telling you exactly what to correct on the post. Look at example below!

seo by yoast for better seo for wordpress

As you can see, while I did not implement all of the SEO by Yoast suggestions, I did implement the majority making my blog post SEO friendly!

SEO by Yoast has some great additional features as well! Like being able to edit your meta description which is great for SEO rankings!

meta description editor for enhanced seo for wordpress

Another great reason to get SEO by Yoast is because it helps with getting your sitemaps and webmaster tools integrated with your WordPress which does help with your SEO for WordPress.

The remaining 2 tips can be seen on TODDWORLEY.COM website.

Written by DeerDesign
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